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What does Ayurveda mean?

"Ayu" means life and "veda" means knowledge, say "The Science of Life"


Ayurveda helps?

  • To bring ill people back into balance.
  • Balancing healthy people or keeping them in balance.

According to Ayurveda, there are four different causes that lead to the disease.

  • Unbalanced doshas
  • Unbalanced diet, unbalanced lifestyle habits, resulting in imbalances in blood, muscles, joints, fat and hormone balance
  • Unbalanced excretion via the digestive tract or the genitourinary system
  • Excessive stress, even poor working conditions, resulting in a disharmonious mind and excessive, too little or inappropriate use of the senses and the resulting actions.


The booking of the spa stay at the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort is made through direct contact with us.

Prices and details

Prices and details can be found on the page Price and Program.

The doshas

What´s the meaning of Dosha?

Dosha means life energy. Each person has an individual composition of the three Dosha energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha. From the relation of the three to each other, which every person receives from birth, the constitution and personality of the human being emerges. They shape the physical appearance, behavior and susceptibility to disease. If the original Dosha structure is in its harmonious equilibrium and normal state, the human being is healthy, resilient and happy. However, if the three energies are disturbed or in imbalance, a dosha predominates or a dosha is not taken into consideration, then this is the cause of physical and mental complaints of all kinds. This can include everyday problems such as inner restlessness, insomnia, ensure carousel, headaches or listlessness to be serious illnesses like diabetes, rheumatism or cancer. In Ayurveda, all these symptoms are considered to be different expressions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

What´s the meaning of Vata?

Vata comes from Sanskrit and means "air, wind". It is responsible for all movements in the body, both physical and mental. Vata stands for the principle of ease and change. As a cosmic connection, it stands for the wind and the basic principle of variability.

Vata is cold, flexible, dry and penetrating. The necessary movements of the breath, the heart and the digestion belong to Vata as well as the nervous system, the movement apparatus and the immune system.


The Vata type:

  • very big or very small
  • slim, thin, delicate
  • oblong face, small eyes
  • irregular teeth and narrow lips
  • low weight and light physique
  • dry skin, dry hair, curly, frizzy hair
  • Veins clearly visible
  • tends to dry skin
  • freezes easily, especially on hands and feet
  • enthusiastic, mentally very agile
  • Things get started quickly
  • has a dislike for cold and windy weather
  • irregular feeling of hunger and irregular digestion, tendency to constipation
  • quick comprehension and good short-term memory
  • a tendency to worry and grief, as well as light and interrupted sleep
  • speaks quickly and often changes the subject
  • cannot get things in and out so well
  • promises a lot but cannot keep up with anything
  • has many ideas but does not finish very well

What´s the meaning of Pitta?

Pitta means "bile" and comes from the elements fire and a smaller amount of water. It is responsible for all biochemical activities. Pitta has a relation to the sun and its basic principle is the transformation. It therefore influences the metabolism both in the area of digestion as well as in the range of the mental abilities of a person and its intelligence. The implementation or conversion principle thus takes place both on the physical and the mental level. Pitta is hot and dry.


The Pitta type:

  • moderate body type
  • do things at medium speed
  • works very systematically and organizes
  • Aversion to heat
  • strong hunger, good digestion, can make meals bad
  • average comprehension and memory
  • good speaker
  • systematically reproduces what has been learned
  • enterprising and courageous character
  • Tendency to impatience and annoyance
  • precise and accurate, inclination to perfection
  • easily excitable
  • prefers cold food and cool drinks
  • Tendency to freckles and birthmarks
  • loves staying in the nature, sea, mountains
  • has to be athletic in order to feel good
  • high hairline, tends early to receding hairline and balding

What´s the meaning of Kapha?

Kapha consists of the elements water and earth, the basic principle is inertia. Kapha is often translated as "mucus". It gives the body rest, endurance and immune power. It stands for stability, the nourishing, caring, maternal and is physically responsible for all festivals. Kapha is cool.


The Kapha type:

  • stable and heavy build, tendency to overweight
  • great strength and endurance
  • approaches things methodically and slowly
  • tendency to smooth and fat skin
  • low hunger and slow digestion
  • calm and stable personality
  • slow comprehension, but good long-term memory
  • deep and long sleep
  • strong, rather dark hair
  • difficult to get upset
  • stick to his word, stay tuned
  • tends to melancholy
  • takes things hard
  • tends to moan and does not like to move


  1. Disease in the sense of Ayurvedic teaching means that the doshas are in imbalance. On the one hand, physical causes, such as unhealthy, unbalanced diet, hunger, too much exercise, one-sided taste, poor digestion, etc. bring doshas into imbalance, on the other hand, mental and spiritual imbalances caused by poor working conditions, stress, negative and "bad" thinking be promoted, a crucial role in the development of diseases.
  2. To live well and stay healthy, we need balance on the physical and mental levels.
  3. Carelessness and unconsciousness in everyday life mean that one feeds oneself wrongly, allows negative thoughts and carries out unreasonable actions. Even the inadvertent intake of medication belongs in this category.
  4. The Ayurvedic teaching explains that the person who lives consciously and mindfully could live up to 120 years in good health.

How is the imbalance in the body recognized?


There are three main investigative techniques that our Ayurvedic doctor uses to detect human imbalances or diseases.

  • Watch and, if it is necessary the Palpation 
  • Pulse Diagnosis
  • Anamnesis - questions and answers

What´s the meaning of classical Pancha Karma Cure?


These includes one to five therapeutic measures:

  1. Nasya - nose cleaning
  2. Vaman - Emesistherapy for the stomach
  3. Virechana - Medical cleaning
  4. Vasthi - Colon cleaning
  5. Raktha Moksha - blood purification with leeches (this is not practiced at Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort)

Important notes on Ayurveda cure:

  • Everyone comes with their own special symptoms. One is a serious chronic disease, such as: For example, diabetes, rheumatism or cancer, in the other perhaps "only" a sleep deficit.
  • At the beginning of the Ayurveda cure, your ailments, illnesses or imbalances are recorded and analyzed. The chief physician will explain to you what the problem is and what to do.
  • In the classic Pancha-Karma cure, the medical herbs, massage oils and nutrition are individually tailored to your personal detoxification, drainage and purification. This is included in the price of the cure.
  • Depending on the "severity" of the condition or the suspicion that an acute condition might become chronic, the doctor recommends a special medical treatment that goes beyond the detoxification program of the Pancha-Karma treatment. It's about resolving the problem directly, not just a few years later.
  • If, as described above, special medical herbal remedies are required, they will be invoiced separately. The costs vary depending on which herbs are needed and used in which quantities.
  • Such additional treatment will only be in accordance with your wishes and goals. You have the choice.
  • We guarantee that our own individual herbs and the medicine made from them are 100% natural ingredients and that there are no ingredients such as lead, mercury and arsenic.
  • You will receive from our doctor a certificate of the herbs and an invoice. If you wish, you can submit the bill together with the cure costs to your private health insurance. You may be refunded part of the cost!
  • There is also the option to book acupuncture treatments if indicated. If you have already booked an Ayurveda cure with us, you will receive the acupuncture for our bonus price of 20 € per treatment.


  • Detoxification is always at the beginning of a cure.
  • In addition to doshas, toxin exposure also plays a role in disease development. These get either from the outside into the body, arise at low digestive power or can be caused by mental stress, such. As stress and overwork are caused.
  • The toxins accumulate in tissues and cells and hinder their natural supply, cleansing and nutrition.
  • Malaise and loss of energy can be attributed to this. Long exposure can lead to conditions such as indigestion, hormonal imbalances, spinal pain, and so on.
  • For more well-being, the body must first detoxify and purify. This activates the energy system again.


On the day of the detox - what should be considered?

  • Pay attention to serenity and calm.
  • Drink as much boiled water as possible throughout the day.
  • If possible, do not eat uncooked food that day.
  • Breakfast is rice soup in the morning, healthy red rice with boiled vegetables at lunchtime.
  • Please avoid spicy food and certain types of fruit such as pineapple, passion fruit and mangustines or eat no fruits on this day.
  • So you can benefit greatly from the detoxification.


Important notes on treatment:

The descriptions of the spa always place a lot of emphasis on treatment times and treatments per day. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings.

  • In our spa descriptions you will find: three to five treatments a day, as approximately 90-120 minutes per day for Pancha Karma cures.
  • As every guest comes to us with different symptoms and different serious illnesses, the Ayurveda doctor can assess on the spot what, when, how and in what sequence to do in therapy. For this reason, a treatment may be shorter, because the guest needs the power to cleanse and rest, or be very long, because just all the toxins must be massaged and sweat.
  • The treatment plan is therefore written individually for the guest. So it may happen that one guest for example gets a Shirodara on the fifth day of treatment, another on the tenth or not, at all because the physical condition does not allow it.
  • Depending on the improvement of the condition, to support the healing process, the number of treatments and times will be changed and adjusted during the subsequent consultations by the chief physician.


  • We have two highly qualified yoga instructors who alternately do yoga lessons during your cure Program. At the request of most guests, the lessons take place in the afternoon at sunset.
  • This allows our cure guests to sleep longer in the morning.
  • If required or on request, we can organize special appointments in the morning around 7 o'clock.
  • It is also possible to book extra yoga lessons (between 10 and 15 Euros, depending on the number of people). For organization just contact us.
  • It is best to wear light and comfortable clothing so that you can move and stretch well.
  • Use mosquito protection in the evening.


  • During the initial consultation, the doctor feels a disease or change based on the pulse and recognizes the imbalances in the doshas. This means that the current state of the doshas does not match your original dosha type.
  • Why? Because you are not arriving with a balanced Dosha body type from your home country. They usually come with a lot or little everyday stress as well as physical ailments. When the dosha is balanced, it means you are healthy.
  • The doctor will identify the right foods for you and give this information to the kitchen. This determines what you get to eat and drink to resolve your current condition.
  • If you have any special intolerances or allergies, please inform the doctor during the First consultation.
  • Please first be aware that your Ayurveda treatment is a curative treatment and you are in a cure stay with it. You have the opportunity to healthy and develop on a physical and mental level. If you wish, take the time to support and promote this development.
  • At the final consultation, the doctor will give you instructions so that you can keep the balanced doshas at home and live as healthy as possible.

The kitchen

  • At Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort we serve 90% ayurvedic and vegetarian dishes. There is a wide range of delicacies, such as: for example, fresh red rice every day, various side dishes made from fresh vegetables and curries and salads. Almost all of our food is sourced locally; vegetables and seasonal fruits are fresh from the market or from our own garden. We strive, if possible, to offer organic products.
  • This is how we ensure you fresh, good and healthy ingredients whenever you take a meal with us.
  • During an ayurvedic or diet therapy, the dishes are tailored to your personal needs, including vegan, if desired, and individually prepared. On the one hand, you get to know the specialties of Sri Lankan cuisine while at the same time ensuring that your personal needs are met.


Local fruits

Because Sri Lanka has many native fruits, you have the chance to try different seasonal fruits - which can be a very unique and enjoyable experience. The fruits are unsprayed and are brought from our own cultivation at the house or locally known fruit farmers.

Important general information:

  • Please first be aware that your Ayurveda treatment is a curative treatment and you are in a cure stay with it. You have the opportunity to healthy and develop on a physical and mental level. If you wish, take the time to support and promote this development.
  • It may be important for you to occupy a single room to minimize the distraction of other people and external things and to avoid dependencies. So you can use the chance to discover yourself.