A green oasis with plenty of space to relax

in the gloriously, peaceful nature resort right on one arm of the Bentota River, in the southwest of Sri Lanka, the resort's eight luxurious guest rooms, completed in 2016 and 2018, offer an exclusive opportunity to enjoy professional Ayurvedic cure treatments. Designed with great attention to detail, the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort, with a large garden, swimming pool, meditation space and Ayurveda house, offers you plenty of space for rest, relaxation and tranquility. Unique is the German and English speaking guest service and the German / Sinhalese management. The team is also predominantly German speaking. Since we are a family business, everyone does their best to make your stay a unique experience and help you achieve your individual health goals.

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In the park-like garden you will find a variety of plants, especially typical of the country such as coconut, mango, teak, ebony- and balsa- wood, among other small and large flowering plants and spices. There are mangroves along the river, which are visited by many species of birds. In the middle of the garden is the swimming pool with sun loungers.

Part of the garden is delimited for meditation and silence. Here is a special tree called "Bodhi tree" "Ficus religiosa". For Buddhists this is a sacred tree. 2,500 years ago, Siddharta Gautema was enlightened under a Bodhi tree. After that he was the "Buddha". 

Maybe here in this place, under this tree, you can feel the energy and clarity too, that you can get there. In any case, here you can let go of all worries and problems and use the tree for meditation or rituals. More about this under Spiritual.


We offer: Sunbeds | Swimming pool | Ayurveda | Massage house in traditional clay construction | Park-like garden | Garden Restaurant | Yoga Hall | Free Wifi | Library | German speaking customer service | Welcome Fruit Plate | Meditation area | Smoking area | air-conditioned rooms


  • In the lobby there is a common room with a library, games and free Wi-Fi. Outside, under a covered terrace is the restaurant, where you will always be served freshly prepared dishes from the adjoining kitchen.
  • In a second house is the spa and wellness area. This is a house built in typical clay construction, in which the massages and Ayurveda treatments are performed. In addition to rooms for massage here is the steam and herbal bath.
  • The doctor consultations take place in a large room near the lobby. There, the examinations, pulse, weight and blood pressure controls and acupuncture treatments are performed.
  • A gazebo in the garden invites you to read or rest in the shade.
  • The complex is a non-smoking facility, as it is not recommended in Ayurveda. As a small compromise there is a separate smoking area on the riverbank with a view of the water. Alcohol is generally not allowed in the resort.

Our rooms:


There are eight luxury double rooms available for you (of course also bookable as a single room).


Room facilities:

Balcony or terrace with garden view, pool view, tile / marble floor, air conditioning, safe, minibar, desk, reading lamp, toiletries, free toiletries,

toilet, shower, hair dryer, mosquito net, free drinking water, bathrobes, towels, hair dryer, wake-up service, WiFi access


The rooms are strictly non-smoking.

Deluxe  20 m2 – 25 m2

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Deluxe Comfort 22 m2 – 30 m2

Our task

Accompanying people through phases of illness on the mental, physical and / or mental level. Through Ayurveda and the teachings of the Buddha, we help people reflect on their way of life. In this way we open the view to possibilities, ways and potentials, which serve for the restoration of the health. Prerequisite for this is your openness and curiosity. Our team will always support you with its methods and instructions.

The special – unique

Why choose an Ayurveda cure at the Amandro Resort?

Good communication between doctor and guest is essential for the success of an Ayurveda cure. Our doctor speaks German and Englich very well and accompanies you with great empathy through the cure with the various therapies and explains the nutritional recommendations. In this way, we ensure that your needs are taken into account and that the best possible success is guaranteed through the understanding of the medical consultations and therapeutic support.

Our Aim

The aim of the resort is, to help people suffering from non-communicable diseases with Ayurveda therapy to promote their personal healing process. In summary, this means restoring health to the body and mind, as well as accompanying mental or karmic (Karma) illnesses such as: Depression, burnout, cancer, etc.

Dr. Madusha, Ayurveda doctor at the Amandro Resort:


"She is like the sun for the vacation!" (Quote from a guest)


Dr. Madusha is familiar with the conditions of the culture through several trips to Germany and speaks German very well. She supports you in all areas during the course of treatment. This means that the doctor's talks can be conducted in German or in English. She is at your side with all her knowledge and experience for the duration of your stay.


The booking of the spa stay at the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort is made through direct contact with us.

Prices and details

Prices and details can be found on the page price and program.