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Part of the garden is separated for meditation and silence. Here is a special tree called "Bodhi tree" "Ficus religiosa". For Buddhists, this is a sacred tree, because under the first Home tree Siddharta Gautema was enlightened about 2,500 years ago and became the "Buddha". Maybe here in this place, under this tree, you too can feel the energy and clarity that you can get there. In any case, here you can let go of all worries and problems and use the tree for meditation or rituals. 

Our meditation leader

Buddhist Monk,

Chandawimala Thero

The way to satisfaction

What does spiritual mean?

A spiritual development under the guidance of a religion or philosophy.


What does one need spirituality for?

To be happy and satisfied. Spirituality improves the understanding of life issues and their relationships. The handling of life topics is changing. This creates more mindfulness and concentration.



Which spiritual path is suitable?

We can be very happy that we were born into this world as humans. It is the most highly evolved being in this universe. As a human, we have more power of thought than other living beings, so we are more apt to use this process for our spiritual development. 

To follow a spiritual path you have to have a reason for it, for example the desire for happiness and contentment. Because people have different desires, different, individually fitting spiritual paths are also possible for each person, which are taught by religious or philosophical masters and teachers.

Meditation, special rituals or ceremonies:

what you can experience with us?

Why do you meditate?

There are many meditation directions and methods, from different esoteric, religious or philosophical directions, that are connected with different aims. Before meditating you should know what you want to achieve with it, which aim you have.


Can every person meditate?

Unfortunately not. It is a talent or a gift that you get in life or that you build up in the course of your life, no matter in which way you meditate. For Buddhist meditation you need openness and a good, clear and clean mind.


Which meditation can I learn in Amandro?

Here we offer meditations according to the teachings of Buddha. This form is associated with a lot of practical work. It starts with the everyday satisfaction and leads in the end to the dissolution of suffering. Buddhist meditation allows one to recognize one's own mistakes that have led to suffering, as well as the dissolution of one's own negativity and dissatisfaction. If you are interested in getting to know the wonderful meditation, please let us know when booking.


Why do you perform rituals?

Similar to meditation, there are also different types of rituals in the world that are related to different aims. A Buddhist ritual helps people to someday, one day, find the right path (vision) that leads to the dissolution of the suffering. The aim is to discover the called four "noble truths".

The one who performs such a ritual needs a good understanding of what he wants to achieve. He needs a connection between ritual and aim. The rituals give you the power to easily cope with everyday life with reduced pressure and calm mind at the same time. The rituals also help to meet the right people at the right moment to show the way. - As you were led to us.


What rituals do we perform with ourselves?

Every full moon day, every month, an oil candle ceremony takes place under the "Bodhi tree". It is to be understood as a thank-you ritual for allowing us to makea wild mangrove place a place for people to recover physically and mentally, and where interested people learn more about the Buddha's teachings and how to live in 

this Philosophy. We are also grateful Thanks for the Bodhi Tree, which gives us the power to discover and experience wisdom. This full moon ritual is usually conducted by Chandawimala Thero, our Spiritualpatron. You have the opportunity to attend this ceremony. 


We are also very grateful for the Buddhist monks who have brought us the wonderful teachings of Buddha and are still teaching them to us. That is why we support Buddhist monks and nuns who live in temples or ashrams. They live exclusively on donations, because they are traditionally without property. Since we support them in the form of donations or alms, they are also very grateful to us. They wish us all the best to reach the aim of dissolving suffering.


The Buddha explains that someone who understands the Buddhist teachings and gives something to the Buddha or his disciple, is helped one day to dissolve his suffering and find his way to the four noble truths. But the one who donates must do so with the understanding and aim of dissolving suffering. Such rituals take place regularly with us. You are also welcome to take part or, if you wish, organize such a ritual.


What do you wish?

If you want to learn more about Buddhism and get good deeds for your future, you might want an oil candle ceremony. You can do this for a special occasion such as a birthday, bereavement, or just like that. We organize everything you need and prepare it for you.

Also, you can give a donation or an alms for the Buddhist monks. This can for example, in form of rice and curry dishes for monks happen or you donate in the temple something for the monks. We are happy to advise you and organize your project.


What do you need to attend meditations, temple visits or rituals?

They need interest, openness and joy. Everything else will come together. Please keep in mind that you should cover your shoulders and knees if you want to participate. It is especially traditional to wear white clothing if you have one.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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